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What is Myster?

Myster is a file sharing utility. Similar projects include BitTorrent, Hotline and FreeNet. Myster allows you to share your files with others and download files being shared by others on the Myster network, over the Internet. But Myster isn't just any file sharing utility.

The Myster protocol and application have been developed as a stand alone, unique file sharing system which efficiently operates without the need for a central logistics server. Myster employs a completely new, unique and opensource distributed networking protocol which builds on the best features of past P2P efforts, raising the bar for distributed file sharing over the internet.

Some key features of Myster include:

-A completely distributed framework of peers, eliminating any need for a central server
-The ability to search the network without "flooding" it with requests for information.
-A real-time, self-organizing and self-optimizing network
-Support for multiple types of data, not just MP3s
-Cross platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
-fully Java 1.1 compatible
-A user friendly interface