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Friday, April 16, 2004

Public Release 8 is ready to be downloaded here .

The most interesting features include:

-Greater than 25% search performance gain
-New UDP client and server sections
-Refined and reorganized Search window controls
-1 user can no longer hog all a server's download spots
-New tab graphics in the Server Stats window. They now actually look like tabs (hurray)

2 months have gone by between the release of PR 7.6 and this release of PR 8. This release has some major changes, as well as a lot of small fixes, tweaks and improvements throughout the program. We have put out 2 Developer Releases over at Source Forge between these two public releases, and much has been improved through your user feedback. Please keep it coming .

So, what's new in Public Release 8?

1. Added all the UDP client and server sections
2. Reorganized and refined the Search window controls
3. 1 user can no longer hog all a server's download spots
4. A MultiColumn Liste has replaced the single file list in the Connection window (now sorts)
5. New tab graphics in the Server Stats window. They now actually look like tabs (hurray)
6. The search engine now uses 20 searcher threads instead of 15 -  > 25% performance gain
7. Switched the top ten connection section from 'TCP' to 'UDP / TCP'
8. Switched the get type list from 'TCP' to 'UDP / TCP'
9. File info retrieval no longer requires a separate thread
10. Tracker category pull down menu is now consistent with other pull down menus
11. " - Myster" now appears after every window name in Linux (Exception Progress windows)
12. Fixed a freeze that happened sometimes when starting a new download
13. Fixed a problem causing the disconnect button not to disconnect a downloading user
14. Fixed a bug where the PORN type would list no files
15. Corrected oddities found by FindBugs
16. New start up screen showing a progress window and splash graphic
17. Myster now takes up less processor time when running in the background

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Public Release 7.6 is ready to be downloaded here .

The most interesting features include:

-Zipped files are now read for relevant contents and are shared appropriately (no more need to add a .mp3 at the end of your zipped albums!!!)
-Added a bunch of new statistics: Server Statistics Window -> General Statistics Tab
-Optimized download information: Server Stats Window -> Outbound Transfers Tab
-Added AAC and and Mpeg 4 audio file support to the Music category
-Multisource Downloads are now resumable across quits, crashes and re-launches of Myster

1 1/2 months have passed between the release of PR 7.5 and this release of PR 7.6. This release has some major changes, as well as a lot of small fixes, tweaks and improvements throughout the program. We have put out 2 Developer Releases over at Source Forge between these two public releases, and much has been improved through your user feedback.

Please keep it coming.

So, what's new in Public Release 7.6?

1. Refactored Operator event model.. Removed another thread!!
2. Added number of search - by - hash statistic to Server Stats Window.
3. Added number of concurrent connections to Server Stats
4. Added number of pings to Server Stats.
5. Added number of connections to server stats.
6. Added uptime to server stats
7. Added ".m4a" to .mp3
8. Added the RING type.
9. Added an "is Archivable" flag to say if the type can be in an archive.
10. Re-did the TypeDescription list to add file types.
11. ".extensions" can now be configured via the typdescriptlist.mml
12. Fixed a bug where the search list was cleared TWICE.
13. Fixed bug where files downloaded to an unexpected location would not rename properly
14. Fixed bug correcting bytes transferred when downloads have an initial offset.
15. Fixed a bug causing files downloaded to a user specified location would acquire 2 ".i"s.
16. Server Stats now reports progress of downloads relative to the FILE, not current block.
17. Multi-source downloads are now resumed if Myster crashes or is quit with downloads open.
18. Guillaume added code to move the preference file location around on Linux & added an architecture to find the current working folder consistently.
19. Guillaume added some code to check INSIDE OF ZIP FILES for files that match the right types.. so if you have an ".nes" file but it's inside a .zip file, Myster will now OPEN THE ZIP FILE and find it and make it downloadable! Isn't that great!

Sunday, January 4, 2004

Public Release 7.5 is ready to be downloaded here. Some interesting features include:

-New multi-source download code
-More efficient banner display behavior
-Speed increases
-Bug fixes

4 1/2 months have passed between the release of PR 7 and this release of PR 7.5. This release represents major changes in the underlying multi-source download code, as well as improvements to Myster's stability, speed, and efficiency. We have put out 3 Developer Releases over at Source Forge between these two public releases, and much has been improved through your user feedback. Please keep it coming.

AGAIN, ABOUT THE CHAT PLUG-IN: Due to the huge demand Myster puts on our programming resources, Myster Chat hasn't been given any recent attention, but its still available as a plug-in. For those of you wanting to install and try out the Myster Chat plug-in, it has been made available from the source forge developer site as it's not polished enough yet to make it into this public release. You can download it from here.

So, what's new in Public Release 7.5

1. Most of the client side multi-source download code has been re-written
2. Myster now consistently rename files from "filename.i" to "filename"
3. Myster shows more sensible text messages for better application feedback
4. Re-uses spots left open by abandoned download segments in the download progress window
5. Myster won't connect to a queued source if already downloading from another source
6. Portions of the hash / crawler code have been re-written
7. Crawler now batches it's connections when it can
8. Banners will now change every 30 seconds and not every 512 KBs of a file's transfer.
9. Continued writing UDP connection section code
10. Bug fixes to multi source download server and queuing
11. Download queue manager completely re-written to no longer use any threads (used to use 4)
12. Work around freeze on cancel

Saturday, August 13, 2003

Public Release 7 is out and can be downloaded now now now. Some interesting features include:

-Multisource (swarm) downloading
-File hashing
-Server Uptime (displayed in Tracker)
-Clickable web banners (set URLs in prefs)
-Speed increases across the board
-Many bug fixes

4 months have passed between the release of PR 6 and this release of PR 7. We must all take our hats off to the lead, and right now sole Myster programmer who has dedicated many long hours to this wondrous program. We have put out 3 Developer Releases over at Source Forge between these two public releases, and much has been improved through your user feedback. Please keep it coming.

ABOUT THE CHAT PLUG-IN: Due to the huge demand Myster puts on our programming resources, Myster Chat hasn't been given any recent attention, but its still available as a plug-in. For those of you wanting to install and try out the Myster Chat plug-in, it has been made available from the source forge developer site as it's not polished enough yet to make it into this public release. You can download it from here.

Now, what's new in Public Release 7

1. Made banners clickable (you can set the URL for each of your banners in the preferences)
2. Implemented a Hash Manager to hash file being shared on the network
3. Added ability to turn off and on Myster types. Porn is off by default ...
4. Enabled multi-source download (MAJOR FEATURE HERE FOLKS)
5. Fixed a slew of bugs and oddities
6. Hooked up 6669 error message to FAQ on the Myster web page.
7. Sever uptime has been added as a feature of the Tracker
8. Fixed bug that would show terabytes as gigabytes
9. Hash manager now works with Mac OS 9.
10. Downloaded files now rename themselves to what they are supposed to be
11. Fixed the length bytes problem in P2P window (Thanx to a user on the net)
12. K/s counter in download windows kept going down, now fixed
13. changed "Last Ping Time" to "Ping" in the tracker
14. Put a proper title on the download progress window for MS download
15. Created a Mac OS 9 plugin: browsers will auto-launch on banner clicks & menu bar won't disappear
16. Myster is now 25 500+ lines of code

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Public Release 6 is out and can be will. Some interesting features include:

-Instant Messaging (simple but working, will be expanded in future)
-Chat working, implemented as a separate plug-in and download
-Bandwidth Throttling
-Loads of bug fixes

There has been a lot of work between public Release 5 and Public Release 6. Almost 6 months have passed between releases and we hope you like what has been done. We have released 2 Developer Releases over at Source Forge between these two public releases and much has been improved through your great user feedback. We have also had a decent response from international users looking to translate our documentation into other languages. Unfortunately, we have not had time to fully pursue this and apologize for this.

ABOUT THE CHAT PLUG-IN: For those of you wanting to install and try out the Myster Chat plug-in, it has been made available from the source forge developer site as it's not polished enough yet to make it into the public release. You can download it from here.

Now, what's new in Public Release 6?

1. Clicking an entry in the download stats (server stats) makes a connect window pop up
2. When a P2P Connection Window is created with an IP already set in the connect field the window automatically connects. (didn't used to under Windows)
3. Created an instant messaging system, complete with its own section in the preferences.
4. Fixed bugs with the Myster UDP transaction libraries.
5. Added a double clickable .exe for the windows version with a message complaining about the lack of a Java VM if one is not present.
6. Added a button to the Server Stats Window so people who are downloading from your server can be messaged by you. There will also be direct access to the Instant Messaging feature through the menus.
7. Tweaked thread distribution.
8. Tweaked font usage in Mac OS X
9. Made ping sort properly in the Tracker Window
10. Made a bandwidth throttling system that worked, complete with a set of preferences which can be found in the Preference Window.
11. Added more .extensions to the file list filter
12. Added a ROMS type to the File Category List. Put all your Game ROMs in there.
13. Added proper window behavior (Window positions are now remembered)
14. Fixed loss of recent prefs when quitting bug
15. Miscellaneous Mac OS X tweaking...
16. Ported Space Smilies to Myster 'cause I felt like it.
17. Added an instant message button to the p2p window.
18. Enhanced and fixed bugs in the plug-in loader.
19. Extensively tested Myster compatibility with Warcraft III by running both at the same time for extended and frequent games. ; )

Monday, November 11, 2002

Myster Public Release 5 is now out. Download it here. PR 5's list of enhancements closely resembles that of the Dev 16 release which you can read about from the October 29th news post below. A few additional enhancements were thrown in (Dev 16.1) and out came PR 5.

1. Server side exclusion of file with size 'zero' when answering a search request.
2. Addition of a Mac OS X plug-in to enable, among other things, proper window behavior when all windows are closed. i.e. you can reopen them again.
3. Overhauled Icons for OS X & Classic.
4. Tweaks to the subsystem to enable better discovery of Myster servers.
5. The usual boat load of bug fixes and performance enhancements which make Myster that much more enjoyable to use.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

New beta build available: Dev 16

Please surf over to our opensource site at SourceForge to download and test it out. We need feedback on the new build before we can fix any bugs and release it as PR 5.

To provide feedback you can either set up an account at sourceforge to post official bug reports or email us at: with any feedback you may have.

Here is a brief list of changes (not a complete list by any means):

1. New UDP based pinging system which speeds up pinging
2. Modifications to the various MCLs in each window, adding useful features like # of files on each server, ping of servers, etc.
3. Proper window manager allowing for intelligent window creation/management. If you close all windows in Mac OS, a full menu bar still remains, allowing for spawning of new windows. (FINALLY!)
4. Shortcut 'hotkeys' for spawning new windows from the keyboard, complete with window cascading.
5. A new 'Windows' menu in the menu bar, allowing quick selection of an open window from a list.
6. Shortcut hotkey for cycling through open windows, making it easy to work with many open Myster windows at once.

We are currently looking for volunteers to translate our documentation into other languages. Contact us if you are interested:

Saturday, October 26, 2002

We need to update this damn application! I mean just look at the last date we updated the PR version number. In other news, I am the man with no name! Zap Branigan

Saturday, July 27, 2002

New beta build available: Dev 14.3. Beta testers, head over to the SourceForge to test this beta build of Myster.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Myster PR 4 has been peaking people's interest for almost a week now. For our next step, we want to concentrate on building a healthy, communicating community. Chat and messaging would lead us firmly down that path. However, we value your input and so we're currently looking for your response with regard to what big feature we should concentrate on next.

Thursady, July 18, 2002

Well now. Its been months and months of silence and hard work. What do we have in store for y'all?

-new release: PR 4
-new beta testers section
-brand new documentation
-new url:

Public Release 4 has landed! GO GET IT NOW! There are so many improvements and enhancements that I don't know where to begin! The list was too long, so this entry was truncated. Sorry.

But first some other news:

Don't forget to visit SourceForge get the Myster source code. The Myster documentation has been completely rewritten. Before it was one page, now its 17 pages, complete with annotated screenshots and a table of contents. This new documentation, combined with the Myster FAQ should help you to master this fiery little application which, with your help, will one day change the world.

Friday, March 1, 2002

Myster PR 3.1 is now out.

Myster has been upgraded to PR 3.1 on all platforms which brings the Windows Versions back in sink with everyone else. We have made this a fractional upgrade because it offers only improvements in stability and efficiency. We will save the whole number releases for when we incorporate large changes in UI or new features. However, every upgrade of the Myster application brings tremendous value and should not be overlooked. Download the latest version. You'll be happy you did.

Friday, March 1, 2002

Myster PR 3 is here. Get it now from the download section of our site.

Some of Myster PR 3's improvements include:

-> Improved the stability, memory management and efficiency of Myster across all platforms
-> For Windows: added a pie chart animation for when the progress window is iconized or in the start bar
-> For Mac OS X: fixed a file descriptor leak
-> Added the ability to detect whether more than one copy of Myster is open. Only one copy of Myster should be open on your system at one time

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Myster PR 2.0.1 is out. The windows version is now at PR 2.1 and has a nifty installer.

Changes in in PR 2.0.1

-> Fixed a problem with corrupt server stats requests that made servers unreachable.

Changes in in PR 2.1

-> Made it so there is only ever one copy of Myster running at one time.
-> If the user opens up a second copy of Mytser, it simply opens a new window in the version already running.
-> Myster 's server can now recover if a PPP or PPPoE connection is droppped and then resumed.
-> Fixed a bug where an open file would never close in rare cases.
-> Added an installer to the windows version

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Myster has been updated to Public Release 2. The following changes have taken place:

-> support for all platforms that support Java 1.1 including Solaris and Linux
-> resizable columns. You can now resize any column in any multicolumn list in the Myster application.
-> proper reading of mp3 ID3 tags (ID3 version 1) new data being read, and as a result, new columns being added to the MCL for the MP3 category in the search window are; album, artist and song title. A future feature will be the ability to search for MP3s by these attributes but its not here yet.
-> faster sorting of results. Although not noticeable in most cases, searches and tracker listings with many entries used to take a while to resort. That sorting has been greatly enhanced and quickened.
-> updated preferences menu dialog. Although not a complete revision and really just updated to include new features in Myster, there is a new preference dialog in which you can enter your server's name. All other items in this dialog have been removed due to their uselessness and you can guess, we're readying the prefs for a major revision so stay tuned.
-> server names in the tracker. Thanks to the new preference to add a server name, once you set that preference, your server will be listed in other's trackers with a new column showing the name you've given. if you don't provide a name then the column entry will read as your IP address.
-> resizable columns in every MCL. Now you can drag the edges each column to make them the size you want.
-> better thread management resulting in a more efficient application.
-> loads of general bug fixes to enhance your file sharing pleasure

We're still actively working on all upcoming features listed here. Instant messaging didn't quite make it into this revision.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Well then, almost a month and a half has passed but here it is in all its 'glory'. Myster Public Release 1 can be downloaded from the downloads section of this site. A ton of sleepless nights, arguing, frustration and, yes, even work have gone into this latest offering.  We've compiled a list of the features added to Myster since the release of DEV 9.5.

All these features are in Myster Public Release 1.

So what's with the new name?

Yes, we've changed the naming scheme for different Myster builds. Myster hasn't been developed in the conventional way with releases every 3-6 months. New releases have been churned out every week or so on the SourceForge site although we've been behind on releasing the consumer version for a month and a half. What was going to be Developer Release 9.7.1 is now called Public Release 1 (PR 1).

Such releases will be incremented in whole numbers only (ie PR 1, PR 2, while the developer releases with continue to be churned out on a weekly basis over at the SourceForge site as source code (available through CVS if you like) as open source software under the GPL.

Some features listed here have already been mentioned. Some were last minute additions, but we thought it would be nice to throw a complete list up for a review of what's been done.

List removed due to space constraints.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

It's been entirely too long since I've updated you as to what's going on with Myster. That's because we've been SO busy adding cool features.

Here's a list:

->wicked-cool server stats window enhancements!
->improving the connection and search windows

(Note: connection window screenshot is just a conceptualization. No coding has been done yet but doesn't it look cool?) We seem to have fallen prey to a tempting affliction common to programming. We are constantly improving Myster without bringing out new versions. We've recently become aware of this and are working to finalize what we've got so that we can release a Developer Release 9.6. We realize the longer we wait the more you suffer so we're doing our best. It's coming soon.

Now, I'd like to take a minute to address the version name of the current Myster releases. The phrase "Developer Release" and the abbreviation "DEV" mean that Myster is still in the developmental stages and as a result is different from a 1.0 release in the following ways:

a) Myster is far from feature-complete. We are adding features by the day, week and month here. Each new release of Myster will be significantly different from the previous one in functionality. Just think, Myster never used to have a Multi Column List in it before DEV 8. And imagine not having a Tracker in DEV 9.5... When Myster Chat is implemented we'll all be wondering how we survived without it.

b) As a result of constantly changing code due to add-ons and new functionality, Myster's stability is also subject to change. We've set up a feedback email address for people to tell us what problems they've encountered while trying to use Myster. It's in our Contact section. Please use it. It's your only way to tell us if we've done something wrong or if there's something you'd like done differently. Our ears are wide open.

c) The reality of a "Developer Release" implies that Myster is still very young and indeed it is. Myster has only been a functioning distributed network for 6 months (since 2001/04/21: Developer release 7). Most of this time, Myster has been unpublicized. Indeed Myster is still largely unknown to the general public and we're being patient with its gradual growth as a peer-based file-sharing network. As early adopters of this new and exciting technology, we ask that you join us in our patience. If there are any mothers or fathers out there, you know how daunting it can be to raise a child. This is no different. Contribute to the Myster Network in the best way possible. Keep those servers up and running. It's like nourishment to a growing child.

Saturday,September 29, 2001

Well, it looks like neither the new Preferences Window, nor Myster Chat will be making it into DEV 9.6 but all the features listed below in green still stand. Many other new features slated for implementation are dependent on the new Preferences user interface. Until this is done we're holding off on all other features since they'll all require interfacing with the prefs.

Features slated but waiting include:

-Myster Chat
-User names (to appear in the chat sessions)
-Myster Server names (to replace the IPs in the tracker/Server Stats Window

Speaking of the Server Stats Window, we're shooting for a revision of that being in 9.6 although the server names won't be present yet. We are replacing the current info setup with a MultiColumn List. This way you can see who's downloading what, and choose whether to kill those downloads if you wish.

On another note, it's been way too long since we've looked at the problems with Myster for Solaris. We'll see whether we can get a Solaris version out soon. Stay tuned. No such luck with Mac OS X though. There seem to be many things amiss with its VM and all we can do is wait and test. When we get somewhere with Myster for Mac OS X we'll let you know.

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Myster Dev 9.6 is looking good and acting wonderfully. As promised, Myster's Download Preferences have been retooled and everything is looking smooth and efficient. With the addition of default download folders,easier to understand download prefs and a more detailed Server Stats window, Myster Dev 9.6 promises to be so much more user friendly than 9.5.

Features added since DEV 9.5:

->Scrollable search field. Now you can select and hold down a file and scroll through the whole search list which is now sensitive to speed variations.
->Ability to start a search by hitting the return/enter key. Seems small but it's a must! You'll be glad we included it.
-> Improved download preferences window. A plethora of features have been added and the window has been esthetically altered.
->All List Columns are reversible. Now you can click on the title of a column (eg. name) and it will reverse the order of the items in the list. If you reverse the name column it will list anti-alphabetically (Z-A). If you reverse the size column it will list all files from biggest to smallest. Get the idea? Good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Work on DEV 9.6 is progressing. Many bugs are being fixed and overall performance and speed of test builds is noticeably better over DEV 9.5. Myster's preferences interface and file path structure are on the drawing board again. Both will be rewritten but the new code probably won't make it to DEV 9.6.

There have been concerns that users can't properly set the file paths under 9.5 which is a bit of a shock to the whole team. As a result, DEV 9.6 will sport default folders for each category and you can reset the path if you want to. Myster's file organizing structure relies on files being put in their proper places so if the user can't do it Myster will have to.

Also, work on the Chat function in Myster has been put on hold until a working interface can be drawn up. More on this later.

Saturday, September 1, 2001

Myster DEV 9.5 is NOW OUT! Go get it from the downloads section of this site.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Myster DEV 9.5 is set for release. The web master is BACK and we're finishing the tiny details on both the site and program to make Myster the most enjoyable experience for all.

Features added since DEV 8:

->Node Tracker to list top servers, making it easier to see how Myster is doing and allowing for easier browsing of a peer's files as opposed to searching ambiguously.
->enhanced multi column list support. Everything looks so much nicer and more polished now.
->massive amounts of work done on Myster's CHAT feature which probably won't make it to the DEV 9.5 release but will be along shortly.
->inclusion of a new setup module upon first launch of Myster to aid setup and ease the user into Myster's application environment.

Screenshots of all new features are covered in the documentation. Got to check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2001

Myster DEV 8 is now out. The multi column list is there as well as a whole slew of other new features.

In other news our Myster web master is spending the summer in Calgary as a bike courier so don't expect frequent updates on the consumer page until he comes back, however if you can't stand the thought of being without status updates, then visit the developer page at

Friday, May 18, 2001

The MCL is now complete and is being melded with the Myster app. Again, the screenshot has been updated to show its progress. This time we've included examples of past stages so you can get an idea of what's been happening.

Also, Myster is now opensource and has been given a cozy home at The sourceforge page is not yet fully functional but will be up soon, at which time you will be notified here. There is also a link to this page at the sourceforge page so, for now at least, the URL will still be alive and kicking.

Sunday-Wednesday, May 6-9, 2001

-> still working on the Multi column list.

We have provided a screenshot of the work in progress.

Note: the multi column list is being built apart from the Myster application. There is a great deal to do before it can be integrated into the program.

Here's some funny code:

     public MCListHandler(MCList aBadParent) {

Another snippet of code:

     public MCList {
          Vector vector; //no dog food for Vector tonight!(...)

Saturday, May 5, 2001

Official testing has begun. Time and good user feedback will make this network strong.

-> Fixed an EOFException problem inside the handshake object.
-> Added the path to the FileListManagerWindow suggested by a user.
-> Started work on a separate multi column list object to replace the dual single column lists currently found in Myster's peer-to-peer connection window.

Saturday, April 21, 2001

Developer release 7 is here! Not long now before official testing becomes a reality.

-> Added the "array of last resort" which stores severs' addresses to see if the client currently does not know any active servers. Yeah, it's hard coded, deal with it. (Hahahha)
-> Fixed Server stats window tilt bar + size problem with getInsets( )
-> added ability to resume file transfers on the server side and in the protocol. Client side still to do!!!

NOTE TO SELF: Update Myster protocol docs!

Friday, April 20, 2001

New documentation put online.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

-> Fixed a bug in the PreferencesDialogBox Window. The bug caused the dialog box text to be squashed.
-> Made assertFileList routine synchronized.
-> Added a check to handshake thread to deal with the possibility that the numberoffiles MML is null. This stops a nasty cascade error..

Saturday, April 14, 2001

-> Fixed singleton synchronization issue with MysterIPPool object.
-> Reduced the timeout of the ClientHandshake object from 120 to 90 seconds

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Geeze has it really been three months? That's just sick... All I've been doing is bug and performance problem hunting. The current version is truly joyful to use. Myster DEV 6 gets rid of all the major bugs and a few of the minor ones too. If Myster prints an exception I want to know why! It shouldn't!

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Oops, some big ass, king kong bugs in that last codebase. here's a better one, without the bugs and with a sizable helping of performance improvements. It's called Myster Pro DEV 5 rev 1. This is arguably the most bug free / heavily tested release to date.

Friday, January 26, 2001

Well, no one made the deadline so I'm a bit ticked, but I managed to fix up what I did get and so we have another build. This build includes a new and improved progress bar, File Manager and IPPool/IPlist manager.

I've also eliminated many bugs I've come across.

Monday, January 8, 2001

Added Myster Pro DEV 4. New features are a bit too numerous to mention, but among the things changed are more documentation, the IPPool/IPlist manager is now complete (although undoubtedly buggy), and the protocol is now complete. The batching feature of Myster has been bug tested an implemented where applicable. It's been seen to speed up transfers quite a bit. Oh and with protocol completeness comes the working files info panel. This panel will show you how big a given file is.. There's also space to expand the number of properties a file can have.

November 13, 2000

Added Myster Pro DEV 3. New features include an improved Connection manager and the introduction of the Operator. The operator is responsible for starting a TCP connection. It then sends this connection a ConnectionManager object which figures out what action to take dependent on the connection number. Also Myster finally can batch connection requests, although this feature is untested!

-> DEV 3 includes a "binary".

October 28, 2000

Updated Myster Pro DEV 2 rev 1. Most of the changes are fixing stupid bugs with the MML and preferences objects. You don't need to have Myster Pro DEV 1 to use rev 1.

-> Fixed typos on the web site.

October 28, 2000

Deleted hotline server... (I mean why did I put it up??)

-> Added Myster Pro DEV 2 This release adds the first release of the preference manager and introduces MML.. Windows Codewarrior users will need to get the update to codewarriror 5.3 PRO.. It's big so do it now and get it over with...,
-> corrected typo in the word "make"

September 13, 2000

Created this section to make Myster news and updates available to testers.