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Monday, October 24, 2005

Myster Public Release 9 has landed. It's super terrific application #1!

Public Release 9 is ready to be downloaded here .

So, what's new in Public Release 9?

1. Lots of major and minor bug fixes throughout Myster.
2. Improved search engine performance. MUCH faster searching!
3. Improved japaneese file download reliability. (Thanks to user 'DIALTONE')
4. Vastly improved stability and efficiency.
5. More intelligent multisource download, improving speed and reducing network load.
6. More robust network efficiency.
7. Myster is now tougher on leeching users.
8. More efficient hashing of shared files.
9. Faster and more accurate meta data reading.
10. Tons of small user interface improvements throughout Myster.
11. Better compatibility with Mac OS Java 1.4.x
12. Myster file indexing now done in the background.
13. Improved code documentation
14. Improved Mac OS Classic support.
15. Myster is now 31000+ lines of code.